Bill Cassidy Republican (Elected 2015), LA Senate district

Picture of Bill Cassidy

No longer in office

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Bill Cassidy: $14,964,354

Top 10 Interests Funding

Health Professionals$1,472,567
Oil & Gas$984,020
Securities & Investment$959,626
Real Estate$489,795
Lawyers/Law Firms$325,169
General Contractors$320,450
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products$315,005
Health Services/HMOs$286,216

Top 10 Organizations Funding

Elliott Management$79,700
Edison Chouest Offshore$61,500
Gilead Sciences$47,600
Koch Industries$45,800
Blackstone Group$42,000
Mockler Beverage$40,233
B And G Food Enterprises$38,100
Cajun Constructors$33,200
Emco Technologies$32,400
Wellmed Medical Management$31,700

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