Mazie K. Hirono Democrat (Elected 2013), HI Senate district

Map of contributions to Mazie K. Hirono
Picture of Mazie K. Hirono

No longer in office

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Mazie K. Hirono: $5,326,564

Top 10 Interests Funding

Lawyers/Law Firms$751,229
Women's Issues$339,772
Real Estate$168,398
Sea Transport$160,891
Transportation Unions$143,150
Public Sector Unions$117,000
Human Rights$107,954
Construction Services$97,099
Securities & Investment$90,771

Top 10 Organizations Funding

Emilys List$215,640
Kobayashi Sugita And Goda$47,368
University of Hawaii$30,450
Cronin Fried Et Al$28,000
Rm Towill Corporation$27,500
Alexander And Baldwin$26,000
Alston and Bird$22,750
Navatek Ltd$22,500
Weitz And Luxenberg$22,400
Pop Fishing And Marine$21,300

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