Dick Lugar Republican (Elected 1976), IN Senate district

Picture of Dick Lugar

No longer in office

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Dick Lugar: $3,611,797

Top 10 Interests Funding

Lawyers/Law Firms$245,863
Securities & Investment$209,421
Real Estate$111,150
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing$105,450
Agricultural Services/Products$98,600
Retail Sales$95,600
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products$92,800
Business Services$88,175
Food Processing & Sales$86,583

Top 10 Organizations Funding

Eli Lilly and Company$33,900
Emerson Electric$33,700
Barnes And Thornburg$30,575
Ernst and Young$18,400
Bechtel Group$18,000
Cummins Incorporated$17,100
Pfizer Incorporated$16,000
American Electric Power$15,250
Mckesson Corporation$15,000

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