Mike Honda Democrat (Elected 2000), CA House district 17

Map of contributions to Mike Honda
Picture of Mike Honda

No longer in office

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Mike Honda: $2,723,515

Top 10 Interests Funding

Lawyers/Law Firms$123,194
Human Rights$122,218
Real Estate$113,890
Electronics Mfg & Equip$98,093
Public Sector Unions$87,500
Health Professionals$76,868
Securities & Investment$61,750
Transportation Unions$56,517

Top 10 Organizations Funding

Royal Business Bank$15,500
American Federation of Teachers$15,000
Acorn Campus Ventures$13,300
Google Incorporated$12,700
Pacific American Fish Company$12,400
National Association of Realtors$10,500
Communications Workers of America$10,375
American Fedn of Stcntymunic Employees$10,250
United Food and Commercial Workers Union$10,000

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