Shelley Moore Capito Republican (Elected 2015), WV Senate district

Picture of Shelley Moore Capito

No longer in office

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Shelley Moore Capito: $8,560,091

Top 10 Interests Funding

Securities & Investment$566,965
Lawyers/Law Firms$464,426
Commercial Banks$447,675
Oil & Gas$319,066
Health Professionals$298,266
Real Estate$281,078
General Contractors$207,283
Electric Utilities$176,250

Top 10 Organizations Funding

Sullivan and Cromwell$126,700
Powell Construction$100,000
Citigroup Incorporated$57,850
Jackson Kelly Pllc$50,450
Firstenergy Corporation$49,750
Alpha Natural Resources$47,474
Goldman Sachs$45,549
Elliott Management$39,400
Metlife Incorporated$38,700
Bank of New York Mellon$38,000

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