Alan Nunnelee Republican (Elected 2011), MS House district 1

Picture of Alan Nunnelee

No longer in office

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Alan Nunnelee: $7,450

Top 10 Interests Funding

General Contractors$5,000
Oil & Gas$2,600
Real Estate$1,000
Agricultural Services/Products$0
Sea Transport$0
Food & Beverage$-250
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing$-1,000
Health Professionals$-1,500
Construction Services$-4,000

Top 10 Organizations Funding

Fl Crane And Sons Construction$5,000
Roundtree And Association$2,600
Norfolk Southern$1,000
Parkway Development$1,000
Golding Barge Line$0
Denbury Resources$0
American Veterinary Medical Association$0
Coca Cola Bottling Company$-250
Westrock Company$-1,000
National Community Pharmacists Association$-1,500

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