Research Tools

Tools for bills and votes:

  • Find a Bill - Search for a bill and narrow the search results.
  • Total Contributions - Compare campaign contributions from interest groups that support a bill with contributions from interest groups in opposition.
  • Contributions by Vote - See how campaign contributions correlate with legislators' votes.
  • Organization Positions - See which organizations—companies, trade associations, nonprofit groups, and unions—have taken a position on a bill.
  • Timeline - View a chart showing the timing of campaign contributions and votes.
  • Money Near Votes: Bill - See all contributions given within days, weeks, or months of a vote on a bill.
  • Data Filters - Change what data you are viewing: legislators, interest groups, date range, or contribution types.
  • Download CSV - Download details of contributions to a spreadsheet on your computer.
  • Share this Page - Share findings via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, email, and more.

Tools for legislators:

  • Top Donors - See which interest groups and organizations have given the most money to a legislator's campaigns.
  • Money Near Votes: Legislator - See all of a legislator's votes cast within days of receiving a campaign contribution from an interest group related to that vote.
  • Contribution Search - See from whom, when, where, and how lawmakers get their contributions.

Tools for interest groups:

  • Overview of interest groups
  • Top Recipients - See which members of Congress have received the most money from a given interest group.
  • Positions Taken - See which bills a given interest group supports and opposes.
  • Contribution Search - See who, when, where, and how interest groups divide their contributions.

Other tools: