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Full Text of this Amendment

SA 3589. Mr. FEINGOLD submitted an amendment intended to be proposed to amendment SA 3500 proposed by Mr. Harkin (for himself, Mr. Chambliss, Mr. Baucus, and Mr. Grassley) to the bill H.R. 2419, to provide for the continuation of agricultural programs through fiscal year 2012, and for other purposes; which was ordered to lie on the table; as follows:

Beginning on page 175, strike line 14 and all that follows through page 176, line 21, and insert the following:
(1) ensuring that the competitiveness of dairy products with other competing products in the marketplace is preserved and enhanced;
(2) ensuring that dairy producers receive fair and reasonable minimum prices;
(3) enhancing the competitiveness of United States dairy producers in world markets;
(4) preventing anticompetitive behavior and ensuring that dairy markets are not prone to manipulation;
(5) increasing the responsiveness of the Federal milk marketing order system to market forces;
(6) streamlining and expediting the process by which amendments to Federal milk market orders are adopted;
(7) simplifying the Federal milk marketing order system;
(8) evaluating whether the Federal milk marketing order system, established during the Great Depression, continues to serve the interests of the public, dairy processors, and dairy producers;
(9) evaluating whether Federal milk marketing orders are operating in a manner to minimize costs to taxpayers and consumers, while still maintaining a fair price for producers;
(10) evaluating the nutritional composition of milk, including the potential benefits and costs of adjusting the milk content standards;
(11) evaluating the economic benefits to milk producers of establishing a 2-class system of classifying milk consisting of a fluid milk class and a manufacturing grade milk class, with the price of both classes determined using the component prices of butterfat, protein, and other solids; and
(12) evaluating a change in advance pricing that is used to calculate the advance price of Class II skim milk under Federal milk marketing orders using the 4-week component prices that are used to calculate prices for Class III and Class IV milk.

(As printed in the Congressional Record for the Senate on Nov 8, 2007.)