Remote Control 2010: California state lawmakers raise 79% of campaign funds from outside their districts

In this study, we examined all campaign contributions given to members of the California Assembly and Senate since January 2007 to determine the geographic sources of contributions to each legislator. We found that 79% of campaign contributions came from outside of members’ districts. In other words, California lawmakers raised almost four out of every five dollars in campaign funds from outside of where their constituents live.

California legislators raised $97.9 million in campaign funds during this three year time period. $77.5 million of these funds, or 79%, came from out-of-district. $11.9 million, or 12%, came from in-district. The remaining $8.6 million of campaign funds (9%) could not be definitively located as in-district or out-of-district.

This study includes reported contributions from January 1, 2007 through March 17, 2010 to campaign committees for Assembly and state Senate, excluding contributions to campaigns to other offices (e.g., Lieutenant Governor, U.S. House) and also excluding contributions from political parties and candidates.

The interactive map below shows campaign contributions with valid ZIP codes grouped by ZIP code. (Created by Tableau Software.)