Download Data and Maps

Data Tables

Download all the data tables in the Remote Control report in one Excel file.


National overview map

Maps of contributions to each House member

To download a high-resolution map for one House member, search for that House member. On the House member's page, click 'Money Map' to the right of their photo. Then, below the large map image, click the link "Download high-resolution map."

To download maps for all House members, use the zip files below. Each group contains 421 maps (JPG format), one for each House member in this study. The map files are named according to's legislator ID numbers. Download this table of legislator ID numbers (CSV/Excel format) to find the ID number for each legislator.

All 421 maps (Zip files):

Maps created by Avencia Inc.

Maps, data, and all other materials in the Remote Control project may be freely used for any purpose provided credit is given to ""